Sumie Kaneko

Picked Up Shows:

August 8th, Friday @Regattabar Boston 7:30pm

Sumie Kaneko J-Trad & More Trio

Sumie is back in Boson! Her project J-Trad & More will present trio version with Kaoru Watanabe on Taiko and Fue, Yoshiki Yamada on Bass. New pieces will be played!. She is currently making new album with new instrumentation, you will see some of them. Must come!


August 20th, Wednesday @Rubim Museum of Art  6pm

Spiral Music Series: Tsukumai 

Tsukumai (Moon Dances) duo with Nobuko Miyazaki on Flute and Fue lounge concert. Elegant yet strong Japanese local music with improvisational ideas. Free admission.


August 9th-16th  @The Theater at 14th St. Y  time: see website


It's a story about WWII and nisei, second generation of Japanese american soldier has to over come bigotry displayed against him and his family by the very country he is fighting to protect. This legacy unfolds in a ballet of love, strength and honor. Sumie will be on Koto. 


August 23rd, Saturday @Tanri Cultural Institute  time: TBA

Sumie Kaneko & Kaoru Watanabe 

First duo concert with Kaoru Watanabe. Program will be mixture of Kaoru's original, traditional piece, Sumie's new compositions. Infinity of music will be there. 


My first album  J-Trad & More is NOW ON SALE! 

In US friends:

You can either download or purchase a hardcopy designed by Makiko Watanabe (Tatsunoko Production).

You can also listen to a couple of my songs from Music.

Thank you again, for your heartwarming support.


フルアルバム J-Trad & More ディスクユニオンより 発売中 税込み2,300円


国内版には原田和典氏の帯と解説がついております。 私のインタビューをとても上手に取り入れてくださいました。氏の著書は、以前から拝読していたのでとても光栄です。




US friends only: 

Sumie Kaneko: J-Trad & More


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